The power of insight™

Taking a company public can be a challenging and lengthy process. Depending on the sophistication of your organizational structure, going public can take months to a year or longer. Many company executives that have experienced the initial public offering (IPO) process have later identified the major hurdles as having been accounting and compliance.
There is a reason for this: Most private companies considering an IPO do not, on their own, have the adequate bench strength or processes in place. We can take care of that.

Make an informed financial decision. We have the insight to deliver success.

Pine Hill Group has the IPO expertise necessary to assist your company from the assessment period to SEC registration filing and on through the post-IPO period.

In the preparation stage, we are equipped to assist your management team in building the documents critical to an IPO, no matter how complex the array of components. This can include helping you establish the right management team, arriving at price, and all of the advance legwork required to achieve a successful offering.

During the filing process, our IPO professionals are there whenever you need us. Having participated and guided IPOs on multiple exchanges, we know what the SEC needs, and how to structure the share prices.

Post-IPO, we'll assist with financial reporting requirements, as well as the ongoing compliance issues with the life of a public company. Our specialized team can provide your company with assistance in Financial Reporting & Technical Accounting, Tax Accounting, and Post-IPO SOX Compliance.

It's your IPO. We're help to make it happen. Contact us today.