The power of insight™

The deal may be done, but that may not mean the work is over. Transition has its own set of complexities. Our senior financial operators will help your management teams achieve a smooth process for all stakeholders. At Pine Hill Group we understand the importance of an effective transition. Our own industry experience, gained during multiple mergers and acquisitions, public offerings and private sales, enables us to view transition from both sides. Perhaps most importantly, our directors have chosen the entrepreneurial path themselves. Let our team help yours to deliver anticipated returns.

Services include:

  • Closing balance sheet / Net Working Capital adjustments
  • Purchase accounting / opening balance sheet preparation
  • Establishing KPIs (key performance indicators), “dashboards” and other business intelligence tools for all kinds of organizations, from business to non-profit
  • Standardizing financial reporting and analytical capabilities
  • Budgeting, cash forecasting and covenant forecasting
  • Audit preparedness and support
  • Internal controls and process integration
  • Board correspondence
  • Interim management at all levels, from leadership through to qualified support staff

Never again settle for less of the services you need. Talk with Pine Hill Group today.