The power of insight™

Pine Hill Group has made considerable investments in our approach to SOX Compliance. Our unique methodology goes beyond the standard guidelines and routine audit work programs. We believe that the SOX Compliance function should support your strategies and objectives, improving corporate operations. At the same time, we are dedicated to finding you cost-saving opportunities while making sure that you are managing risks.

In order to provide our clients with value while becoming SOX compliant, we:

  • Effectively develop and sustain a control environment, eliminating the future need to communicate deficiencies to an Audit Committee or disclose Material Weaknesses in Form 10-K
  • Analyze and avoid controls that are burdensome to the organization
  • Perform and document each component of the assessment of internal controls over financial reporting efficiently, eliminating duplication and reducing compliance costs

All Pine Hill Group team members assigned to SOX Compliance projects have deep SOX backgrounds. They're sensitive to your need to operate effectively within the control environment while adhering to SOX 404. We communicate with your team to develop solutions that work for you, as opposed to dictating the standards.

With Pine Hill Group, you'll get strategy as well as compliance.

Larger accounting firms often take a rote, checklist approach when providing SOX compliance advice, and service your account with lower-level staff lacking in the necessary experience to provide you with options. Pine Hill Group staffs all of our SOX Compliance projects with professionals capable of delivering efficiencies via automation or other process improvements. We offer director-level people with a greater comprehension of internal controls and their impact. Compliance is not only a legal necessity; with the right guidance, the controls can actually help your business stay on target.

It is infinitely preferable to maintain compliance properly than to deal with consequences later. Let us help you put the right systems in place. Contact us today.