The power of insight™

As someone interested in making strategic company acquisitions, you’re faced with numerous decisions. When contemplating the right deal, you want to create options for yourself, pay a fair price, and ultimately select the best company to achieve your objectives. Once you own it, you want to ensure this new company adds value and builds on your company’s success.

Pine Hill Group assists acquirers in various circumstances including establishing acquisition criteria, calculating valuation, measuring rates of return, creating the initial deal structure and determining post-acquisition synergies. We’ve assisted many buyers to make business decisions based on sound financial information. We’ve also guided buyers once the acquisition is complete—preparing the opening balance sheet, drafting day-one readiness plans and ensuring audit preparedness.

When it’s time to make your next acquisition, rely on Pine Hill Group. Having a deal team with the right experience to guide you helps to ensure everything is considered while minimizing risk.