The power of insight™

In lower-middle market private equity, the roadmap to success seems simple and fairly straight-forward. “Buy right” by making informed, analytically supported investment decisions. Post-Closing, create “real” value by implementing operational improvements and other proven best practices. Then focus on both of these.

As principal investors ourselves, and by leveraging our cross-functional private equity, senior operating, and Big Four M&A experience, Pine Hill Group offers a turnkey solution that allows you to meet your goals at every point along the investment continuum. Having been in your shoes, our “plug-and-play” model is our unique differentiator versus alternative providers and we are able to become valued members of your deal teams, specifically when you need us.

Whether you are in the pre-deal phase assessing opportunities, are in need of third-party accounting and financial due diligence to support equity and/or Lender underwriting, or need post-closing integration services to assist your management teams in achieving a seamless transition and dealing with increased demands immediately following closing, call us. As uniquely-qualified and trusted advisors, we’ll help you navigate through the complexities and ensure you’re able to seize all of your platform and value-creating portfolio opportunities.